Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Narrowing it down

Lots of suggestions in the thread below (remember, those of you who answered invitations also have posting privileges!)
Jake has narrowed it to three possibilities that work for him. It seems to me that Jake is THE essential attendee.

1) Before/After the integrity service on Friday the 10th (where?). The service is at 6.30, Bishop Gene presiding and Bishop Barbara preaching.
Caveat: Jake is only free from 6-7.30 because of hearings (Jake, please edit if necessary!) So he could be there early, and have to leave, coming back at 9.

2) the Second Tuesday evening

3) The second Wednesday evening

I will add the additional possibility of the weekend; yes I know I can't be there, but y'all can still get together!

I can do Friday OR the weeknights the second week, not both (we are flying out of town to see family that weekend; won't make reservations till we decide which end of the weekend we are doing this!)

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Paul (A.) said...

Friday would work for me; I may have to go to hearings the same time as Jake, but I suspect that a mere hour and a half break won't slow down the rest of the group, if the day before yesterday in New Brunswick is any indication.